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Our Champions Celebrated With Their Own Ways | 17.4.14 

Mesut from instagram

Transfermarkt.de Top Elf des 30. SpieltagsDurmmels Moment! :)

Transfermarkt.de Top Elf des 30. Spieltags
Durmmels Moment! :)

Cristiano Ronaldo | RM x BVB

This was literally me during the whole match…

Lewy & Ronaldo after match

140408 UEFA Champions League QF 2LEG (BVB vs RM)


I don’t get people. Why on earth are everyone sending hate to Carolin??? Did she kill your dog? No she didn’t so what the fuck people???? How would you feel if you’d get so much hate only one day after your birthday only because of ONE picture? Not so good huh? We love Marco, right? And we should…

Maybe they are just hoping some day to bump on Marco so he would fall in love with them. They need to get back to reality, I am sorry if I seem cruel, but please people it’s not healthy all that hate.  Spread the love not hate… <3 you all :)

Many ways of being cute.

Time for retribution!!! We are coming…

…credits to the owner… P.S. amazing <3